N Female Cables
N female connectorized coax cable,N cables one end
Cable assem. N female/CAB323
Material and finish
1. Cable type:RG402 flexible 
2. center conductor:
3. Dielectric:PTFE dimmeter 3.00mm
2. center conductor:silver plated copper,diameter 0.93mm
4. outer conductor:Tin soaked copper,diameter 3.52mm
5. jacket:blue FEP,diameter 4.25mm
6. connector:type-N female 
7. outer conductor:brass with ternary alloy plated,center conductor:phosphor bronze with silver plated
8. insulator:PTFE

B. Electric specification 
1. frequency:DC-12GHz
2. impedance:50Ω
3. insulation resistance:1000MΩ,DC 500V
4. dielectric voltage:500VRMS,AC,3S
5. insertion loss:2.4dB Max. @3GHz 
6. VSWR:≤1.15 DC-3GHz
7. IMD/PIM:≤-155dBc
8. environmental:-65℃~165℃ IP67
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